About Lisa

I have always loved flowers. I grew up helping my mom and dad in the garden, which is a memory I cherish. One Mother’s Day when I was 11 years old, I realized that lilacs were so beautiful and fragrant – this flower reminds me of my mother and my grandmother, and I honored them by having all lilacs in my bouquet when I was married. To this day, it remains my favorite flower because of the bond shared by the most important women in my life.

I got my start in designing flowers working in the floral department of a local craft store when I was 16 years old. In high school, I had a passion for design of all kinds that grew organically from the artistic tendencies that seem to run in my family – my father was an art director, one of my brothers works in graphic design while the other remodels homes, and my mother’s culinary creations are rivaled by no one I have ever known. My family has always been a very important part of my life, and I was blessed to be able to follow my dream because of the excellent foundation they gave me.

After working for several major shops in Northeast Ohio, I began to branch out on my own as an independent floral designer doing small jobs for friends and family in 2001. I thought of these jobs as side projects until my cousin referred a client to me, and after that, business began picking up faster than I ever could have expected. In 2002, I resigned from my job in order to focus full time on my growing business. My husband, Daniel, was then stationed in Iraq, so throwing myself into developing my work was my strategy for keeping my mind occupied while he was away. I named the company Lisa Daniel Floral Design to symbolize our togetherness in all things, and throughout this and every journey, he has truly been my rock and the biggest fan of my designs.

I prefer working independently for a number of reasons. Having worked for larger florists, I know firsthand the tactics they employ to maximize their profits, and I understand why they must do this. Working from home, I have all the expertise and know-how to put together a spectacular collection of flowers for your wedding with none of the overhead or employee costs. These savings are passed to you – I am willing and able to work within any price point to make the wedding of your dreams a reality.

I am passionate about my work. When you arrive at my newly remodeled floral studio that stands behind my Parma home, we will focus on bringing your big day to life – there will be no interruptions, no other consults, no distraction of other clients coming in and out. No phones will be ringing and there isn’t any pressure – my consultations provide a relaxing and fun atmosphere for brides, grooms, and their families to visualize their ideal wedding and the flowers that will decorate it.

Because of the approach I take to designing weddings, weddings are all that I do. My services are all inclusive – in addition to helping you navigate and explore your vision, I will be there on the day of your wedding, making sure everything is set up properly and that everyone has what they need. I dedicate a lot of time and attention making sure that everything is perfect, and my brides can attest to that. Your big day is my first priority, and I feel honored to play a role in each celebration.

- Lisa